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Leah Smith

I started as a passenger in the back seat of my parents SUV, which lead to independent trips to Europe and everywhere north, south, east, and west. By college...
Amber Kimble - travel advisor

Amber Kimble

Amber grew up in Southern California and am a graduate of California State University Long Beach, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Studies. After graduation, Amber worked...
susan bruce coastline travel

Susan Bruce

My love affair with travel dates back to when my family moved to Australia when I was four years old. We went on to live in Brazil and the...
sarah fazendin tafari

Sarah Fazendin

My Background As a travel designer, I help busy Moms cut through all the noise online to confidently plan and book amazing family travel experiences. I design customized travel...
margret platt tafari

Margaret Platt

Anne Marie Brown

Whitney Green Tafari Denver

Whitney Green

holly bryan tafari

Holly Bryan

Kylee Glaser Tafari

Kylee Glaser

jacob marek tafari coastline travel

Jacob Marek

As Founder & Chief Explorer at IntroverTravels, I design life-changing travel experiences in a way that suits our unique personalities. I am the travel professionals for introverted Nature Nerds,...

Kerry Moriarty

Starting at 6yrs old, I focused on being a good student so that my parents would take me out of school to go on my Father’s fabulous business trips....

Jenelle Szelest

Planning travel for me is almost as much fun as taking the actual trip! Travel is a passion of mine. From Thailand to Greece, Florida to Colorado, I’m well...

Karina Graham

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, my roots span half the globe and made their way to the United States. I have a deep appreciation for Eastern European culture and...

Vinal Desai Burbeck

Vinal Desai Burbeck, CTA (Certified Travel Associate) is the founder of Wanderlark, a travel & event planning company. She started Wanderlark for one simple reason: she believes that a...


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