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Leah Smith


I started as a passenger in the back seat of my parents SUV, which lead to independent trips to Europe and everywhere north, south, east, and west. By college I was a self-proclaimed traveler working towards a degree in comparative politics. After graduation I became a travel consultant. I loved planning travel because it was artistic yet challenging, like a brainteaser. During the 8 years (and counting) that I have been planning travel around the world, I have had the honor of being featured in the LA Times, NY Times, Chicago Sun Times, Forbes Traveler, Luxury Travel Advisor, Destination Weddings and Honeymoons,,, Travel Agent magazine, and a handful of other oddball media outlets. My most bragged about accomplishments are being responsible for the first ever travel related tweets (I swear its true, just ask me) and planning travel for people such as the founder of Travelocity (if it makes sense for him to seek my guidance, it should make sense for you too!) Then there was graduate school where I became more curious, more in debt, and potentially unemployed, so by 28 years old I became a travel entrepreneur. I admit, that I have never written a line of html code but I did design the science of based on my needs as a traveler and most importantly, my knowledge as a professional travel planner.

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