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Kris Kerrigan


Growing up in Southern California, I was first exposed to other cultures through visits to Mexico and a family vacation to Club Med in Guadeloupe. My family hosted exchange students from Israel, Portugal, France, and Argentina, and I was an exchange student in Belgium.

During my year overseas, I visited England, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. I was hooked on international travel. I knew I wanted to study International Relations and study abroad during my university studies. As a college student, I lived and studied in France and had the opportunity to explore Italy and Germany as well. After graduation, I worked for an international data communications company that helped overseas research institutes and government agencies and later handled research, registration, and trip evaluations for Stanford Travel/Study.

I also spent a number of years in higher education at U.C. Irvine working with international students. My work with international hospitality and business students reinforced my decision to make a move into the tourism sector myself. I have been focused on planning cruises as well as land trips to Italy, Greece, Mexico, Argentina, and domestic U.S. locations recently.

Over the next couple of years, I plan to visit South and East Africa for safaris, check out Slovenia and Croatia, and visit Peru, Argentina, the Galapagos Islands, and Colombia. In planning every trip, my goal is to help my clients experience the excitement of exploring amazing destinations and learning about new cultures.

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