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Monique Berry


Hello, I am Monique Berry, the CEO and Founder of MYeTRIPS. www.MYeTRIPS.com

About MYeTRIPS: My Company was developed to exceed the needs of the top traveler consumers by offering specialty travel products and services, and delivering excellent customer support. Through MYeTRIPS divisions, GIRLeTRIPS, GROUPeTRIPS, BUDeTRIPS and CORPeTRIPS, we offer travel consumers products and services that are specifically tailored and designed for each travel group. MYeTRIPS believes that travel is special… just like you!

GIRLeTRIPS: A focus on quality, safety, value, and service. We vet destinations, accommodations, and transportation services, to ensure that females, families, and young travelers feel secure and comfortable whether traveling for business or pleasure.

GROUPeTRIPS: A focus on groups of 8 or more. We make group travel easy and affordable. We provide discounted rates, payment plans, group coordination, as well as a plethora of marketing services to support group events.

BUDeTRIPS: A perfect solution for those who lack the interest, time, or experience in planning a trip. Through our proprietary technology, individuals can quickly and easily coordinate and book travel for their friends or family.

CORPeTRIPS: A focus on small to large businesses. We provide travel products and services that save companies money while providing their employees with valuable products and services to improve their performance during their business trip.

While I have visited every state within the U.S., I am most fond of and knowledgeable in travel outside of the United States, most specifically Switzerland and France. I have always longed to go on a European river cruise and hope to fulfill this travel dream early next year.

Favorite Travel Destination: French Riviera.

Favorite Book to Take Traveling: When traveling, I love to bring along any of my Malcolm Gladwell books.

3 Items I Never Travel Without: workout clothes, vitamins and laptop.

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