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Adventure is out there – let me help you find it!

I have been interested in travel and planning travel all my life. While my unwavering attention to detail may drive my family crazy, I believe it makes for successful trips and happy clients! I am always searching for the unique experiences and opportunities to make lifelong memories. From safaris to sandy beaches, I am excited to work with clients to design their unforgettable travel experiences!

a) Favorite travel destination I am often asked to choose a favorite destination of mine and I have to say it is always the one I most recently visited. With each new destination, I find new adventures and look at the world with a different perspective.

b) Favorite book to take traveling If I am traveling for wildlife / birding I always take a field guide with me. And… I always travel with my kindle – loaded with books about my destination both fiction and non-fiction!

c) 3 items I never travel without: A sense of humor, my Nook loaded up with books and travel size Fabreeze to freshen my clothes (and possibly my traveling companions’)!!

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