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Lily Garvic


Lily Garvic was born and raised in Lima, Peru. She graduated from Mater Admirabilis HS and took courses in Human Resources at Citrus College (Azusa, CA). While working in Peru, Lily enrolled in a class to become a tour guide in her country. With a lot of pride Lily can tell she climbed the Huayna Picchu, the highest peak in the City of the Incas. Lily’s sister-in-law, owner of “Business Class Travel Agency”, asked Lily to help to manage the Agency. This Agency was responsible for handling all of the travel arrangements required to attend conventions in the USA working closely with the US Department of Commerce in Peru.

After 14 years working for the 29 Palms Gaming Commission, Lily decided to retire and travel the world. Her best travel experience was during a cruise and she visited Dubrovnik (Croatia) where her paternal grandparents were born. While in Dubrovnik she met an artist with the same name and last name as her father. She could hardly communicate with Ivo due to the language barrier, but he looked so much like her younger brother…you figure it out! She is always willing to take people to visit her native country since she knows the language and their culture.

a) Favorite Travel Destination: Croatia or Peru

b) Favorite Book to Take Traveling: Anything by Rick Steves

c) 3 Items I never leave without: Sunglasses, IPad and Rick Steves’ books

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