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Kim Adam


I have a passion for travel much like everyone else here. But it took me awhile to become a travel professional. To give you some background information, I have a B.S. in Information Systems, an MBA, and over 18 years experience in business operations. So how did I get here? I’ve always enjoyed researching new destinations and planning things down to the last detail. My family and friends would always ask me about where to go, where to eat, and so on. I realized this was an opportunity to do something I love. My goal is to give clients the same personal attention I give my friends. I also want to save clients valuable time so they can focus more on their next adventure!

Favorite Travel Destination: Hawaii, especially Maui. It always promises fantastic weather, delicious food and beautiful sights.

Favorite Book to Take Traveling: With little kids, I do not have time to relax with a book but there are a few other items that I cannot travel without!

3 Items I never leave without: I always bring an iPad for the kids, a scarf for myself, and healthy snacks for the entire family.

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