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I have traveled the World and taking my notes, of wonderful Hotels, Villas, and places to stay! Beautiful Chateaux in France, Vietnam Luxury Hotels, Singapore and Hong Kong shopping, Terra Cotta soldiers in Xian, Thailand Elephants riding, Ice Climbing in Alaska, Zip Lining in Punta Mita, Moorea Dolphin Private lesson, River cruising in Reims or Burgandy -France with 5 course lunches and dinners with only 12 on the boat, Walking the Alps pathways in Murren- Switzerland! Waking up to Temples in Bagon, Myanmar! Let me book the trip of a lifetime for you! The world is full of Amazing places, let me know where you would like to go! I can set up a wonderful trip!

a) Favorite Travel Destination Zermatt Switzerland Chaing Mai Thailand South Africa and Myanmar.

b) Favorite Book to Take Traveling Book I take is my mom’s travel diary. She traveled all over the world and kept great notes on all Villas, Hotels and trips!

c) 3 Items I never leave without Slippers & Eye mask for flights A Pashmina, that pairs with a Cashmere lined Trench coat for Europe Camera.

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